#NTGlobal, in Nairobi. Day One, Session one – Who’s In The Room? New Thing Global

Pastor Oscar Muriu from Nairobi Chapel introduces his team and various movement leaders: Nick – Executive Pastor Bejee – she leads the leadership development program for NC Esther – hosts teams and conference Pastor Morafi – leads a planting movement across Africa (9), ready to plant in Burundi, Ethiopia and now in Germany (with Chogo and Kevin) Pastor Collins – slum churches in Nairobi (36) – 14 planted this year. 16 ready to start soon. Pastor Luke – oversees planting from Nairobi Chapel Tobias – in Mombasa Steve, Richard, Ngari, in Nairobi, Albo too – but he’s going to Milwaukee soon. Lamaz – in Botswana And they are looking to plant in all 54 capital cities in Africa, at the moment they have planted in 3. And are working to plant into London & Germany. Oscar: God has placed his power in us. This is an important international meeting – heaven is watching! Joe Wilson – started 34 churches so far, 15 on the way, in former Soviet Union. Great work happening – especially in Albania. With him is Altin, […]

Why Should England Tremble?

I went for a run again this morning. I turned onto Spath Rd, on the way to the park – and saw a clump of reflective jackets and a Police Car on that quiet suburban street outside a house. ‘Oh no,’ I thought, ‘What’s happened?’ I’m aware of various sexual assaults, robberies and other major incidents locally in recent months so I sent up a quick prayer. Then I saw that in the midst of the four jackets, the purpose for the surfeit of uniformed manpower. One of the four was holding a speed camera to point at passing cars. I found it hard not to shake my head as I ran past and carried on for my run. When I came back a little while later (I don’t run that fast), the four were still there together. I decided I should voice my opinion as a local person to them. i realised as I was closer that all four were actually PCSOs rather than Police Officers, though one of them had a white cap on which used to be […]