big buts

Well, that’s the name of the course for ‘spiritual seekers’ we just started last night, rather than something I suggest you go looking for online.

We looked last night about how Christianity specifically and religion generally has a bad press. People think it’s boring, untrue and irrelevant to daily life in the C21st. I said I used to think that was the case, but (obviously) some things have happened to change my mind.

I ended up asking our discussion groups whether there were things people there used to believe but don’t any more

or vice versa, things you used not to believe and now you do.

When I was a kid I thought all the countries stacked one on top of the other somehow, it took me ages to work out that whole ‘the world isn’t flat’ thing.

Some people would acquaint all theists with flat earthers! Flat earth? It’s not the end of the world…

I’m happy to change my mind, if my mind needs changing. How about you?