Anthony Delaney - Speaker

“Anthony Delaney speaks the language of our friends, neighbours and co-workers. Using eye-catching illustrations and thought-provoking stories, he brings spiritual truths to life.”

Jon Ferguson NewThing USA

“It is essential that young men of God rise up and carry on the greatest task given to anyone, the teaching of God’s precious Holy Word. To aspire to such a calling is one thing, but to fulfill it is another. As one who loves God’s Word and is passionate about the continuing faith of the Church, I am thrilled that men like Anthony Delaney are one of God’s chosen vessels. He is surely one of tomorrow’s men!”

Dr. R.T. Kendall International speaker and author 

“Anthony Delaney communicates in a way that is grounded in honesty, reality and integrity. He smashes every religious stereotype you've ever come across whilst remaining passionate about his faith. A beer, a Bible and a Balti shared in the company of Anthony would be a great way to spend an evening.”

Paul McGee The SUMO guy, bestselling author

“We in Willowfield Church had a great week of outreach and mission with Anthony Delaney and a team from Ivy. Anthony himself was used really effectively in his preaching and people are now in the Kingdom who responded to his invitation to follow Christ. He is a gifted evangelist and it is so clear that nothing excites Anthony quite like seeing people become Christians. The quality of the young men and women in the team from Ivy who accompanied Anthony also testified to Anthony as a leader who is obviously able to raise up disciples who make disciples and who are very effectively discipline the next generation of radical young Christian leaders. We were blessed so much by Anthony's ministry in Belfast.”

David McClay Senior Pastor, Willowfield Church, Belfast

"Please pass on grateful thanks to Anthony for his contribution at Flourish. I have been reviewing what he taught again and again with individuals since then and I am sure that it will influence our future at my churches, so am confident that it will be a similar blessing in the other churches that were represented at Flourish this year. THANK YOU"

Lisa Battye Revd L. Battye, Rector, ​member of General Synod

We invited Anthony to Immanuel to help us put sharing our faith back at the heart of what we are about at Immanuel. He spoke at a men’s breakfast and our main Sunday gathering. He is a passionate and relevant communicator of the gospel. He uses language that is easily understood with many great illustrations and stories. Anthony not just shared the good news but encouraged and equipped us to continue with mission. The feedback from our church family has been incredibly positive and we are hoping he will visit us again.
As we spoke after the service his heart to invest in church leaders was evident.

Paul Collins Immanuel Church, Chichester

Thinking about speaking...

Jesus is my best friend, because he’s the friend of sinners

We don’t tend to focus on ‘friendship’ as an outcome of Jesus’ life and death, resurrection and friendship because, well, it’s not so much of a big deal is it? Not lined up alongside all those theological words like redemption and atonement. But what if really is the deal. That God wants to be with us, even though we have acted as his enemies, he wants us to be friends forever. What if those things in which we rightly glory are just the way into a room, the corridors, the hallway. But friendship, is the destination. Do we just hang out in the hall, or step into the room and sit at the table?

Let’s Talk About Sex

Tomorrow evening I start a new series at Ivy Central, Didsbury 7pm I’m calling FIRST LOVE. When I was on holiday this year I had a dream that when I woke up I felt like God was saying we should look at the whole area of sex and sexuality and relationships, friendships, marriage, singleness, gender and so on. I’ve never really gone into these things though it seems everyone else talks about them all the time but my reason has been ‘I want to keep the main thing the main thing and just focus on Jesus and the good news.’ But who is the good news for? And how come the world does not see the church as its purveyor? It would be hard to disagree that one of the main reasons is for how we’ve gone about this. I’d planned a one off teaching on singleness and dating but I felt like we had to go further and deeper into messy areas the church has traditionally made such a mess of discussing,  where there’s an incredible amount of hurt […]

Rob Parsons – Communicators Masterclass

My notes from a master communicator at Spring Harvest 2018 God can use anyone to communicate – that’s a given But we can all get better You’ll lose people’s attention for two reasons you’re boring you’re good – so they’ll lose track of what you want them to focus on; change it up and tell a story Eyes matter; look in sections at people, even if you can’t see them in the lights they can see you. It includes people Minimise the distance between you and the people as much as possible Sound matters. It doesn’t matter how good it is, if the sound is rubbish. Do a sound check, the way you actually talk. Try to minimise distractions. Shut the doors. Don’t have people wandering round. Don’t have coffee being served while you’re doing it. Don’t waste the start. Get into it. Aristotle on persuasion; Ethos – the character, establishes credibility and credentials  Logos – the reasoning  Pathos – the heart.  Which should we focus on? It depends who and what we are speaking on and to. Pathos is connected to […]

I’m Teaching – About Preaching

The preaching class at my theological college ended with an Egyptian monk called George telling me, ‘If God could speak through the mouth of a donkey I suppose he can use you.’ Since then I’ve read thousands of books and learned from everyone I can on public speaking and preaching, because I always want to get better at something so important! The Bible says not many people should step up to be a teacher, because we’ll be subject to a stricter judgement. How much more for if you presume to teach others to do it! Despite that, the Ivy staff team have asked me to put together some teaching to help them to preach. I might do more than one of there’s a good turn out, and this one’s open to all not just Ivy people. 7.30pm 24th November at Ivy Didsbury I’ll also touch on how to lead services well, and a lot of what I say will help anyone in business who has to stand up and present. I’ll have fun talking about something I love – you’re […]

To help you SEE what Easter is all about

I just came back from church where we saw a group of men, many of whom have served time in prison and coming from the most broken backgrounds being baptised. I was so excited as I heard their stories and then we were privileged to see them take that step, that sign of a whole new life. One of them (Michael) read my book Rough Diamonds when he was in prison for 17 years and had asked me to go in the water with him. What a privilege and what better day to celebrate new life in Jesus than Easter Day? Then I came home and my grandson wanted the TV on, and a movie is on about the Easter Bunny, who apparently goes all around the world today making everyone happy in a single day. Wow, never heard that one before! I’m not upset that a bunny tries to compete with Jesus, but when he’s stealing Santa’s job – that’s crossing a line! How do we see and make sense of what Easter is really about? Here are some […]

IF God is so good, why is the world so bad?

Every day for weeks we have been bombarded with horror stories. Orlando and then various cities in the USA, Baghdad, Syria (of course), then Nice – a place where Ivy has mission partners that I have visited so it feels a lot closer to home. It really wasn’t that long since Zoe and I sat on the Promenade des Anglais, looking out at the sea and praying together. A beautiful place – and then irrational, unfathomable evil is unleashed and the innocent suffer again. How are we supposed to deal with it? And whether you believe in God or hate the idea of God, you have to deal with it. Sociologist Peter Berger said we all have to come up with a solution to this for ourselves in some way, or we’ll find the world unbearable. We’ll crack up. That’s one reason the world is so hopeless and fearful right now. People are still trying to figure it all out, and they can’t… Last night at Ivy I addressed the issues in a talk entitled How can God be good, when […]