Lakeland visit

Great worship time, God's presence strong - nothing to write home about in the 'teaching' that night though!

The top shot is ‘Tiger Town,’ the baseball park we went to the first night. The journey of about 20 hours in total from the UK flight to finally finding it!

The other is the Lakeland Center, where night after night we saw the most amazing healing miracles.

I have a video of the moment when Hannah gave her testimony about having had her back healed, just minutes before. It was on God TV too, but I captured it. It’s 77mb so over the amount I can upload (?) unfortunately! This healing happened independent of anyone, just in the worship – like we read about when Jesus healed a paralytic, ‘the power of the Lord was present to heal.’

She felt the power of God go through her and sensed that she was healed (if you wonder whether such ‘feelings’ are biblical please read what happened to the woman who touched the hem of Jesus’ garment).

Now you could feel that, and do nothing to test it, but she wanted to make sure – and she’s brave – so she bent down and touched her toes three times in front of me! Amazing! If God hadn’t healed her I’d have told her off because the physio said that was the last thing she should do with the way her back was damaged. On the video she’s got this amazed look on her face as she’s bending down and touching the ground, doing what we were told she could not do having had the diagnosis (confimed by MRI scan) of degenerative disc disease. Her mum cleared out her room – it was full of boxes of strong pain killers! She doesn’t need them now – praise God.

This coming Friday evening at 7.30pm we’re having another meeting with prayer for healing, at East Horsley Village hall.

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One thought on “Lakeland visit

  1. Hi, I stumbled onto your blog after doing some research regarding Lakeland.

    I haven’t been to Lakeland, however I have been following up on it listening to some of Bentley’s claims.

    The Bible says we need to test the spirits (1Jn 4:1) and to compare what is said to Scripture (Act 17:11) and to test all things (1Th 5:21). Wouldn’t you say that this whole thing is way off base? He is talking about seeking contact from angels which isn’t a biblical idea. He even claims to have a personal financial blessing angel named Emma.

    Does this not sound bogus to you? Can we legitimately use signs and wonders as the litmus test of what is biblical when Jesus warns that in the last days there will be “false christs and false prophets [who] will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect” (Mat 24:24)?

    If we are using the signs as an indication of what is right, and there are deceiving signs how can we test these things? If Satan disguises himself as an angel of light (Act 12:7), how can we trust these visitations by angels of financial blessing?

    Shouldn’t the Scriptures be our plumb line? Some would say that testing these things is grieving/quenching the Spirit, but isn’t it the Spirit that commands us to hold these things up to the light of Scripture? Quenching the Spirit would then be to not test these things by the measuring rod (canon) that God gave us.

    It seems this whole ‘revival’ is all about experience defining truth (making truth subjective) rather than valid experiences being subject to truth (objective).

    The late J. Edwin Orr who was a recognised authority on revival defined revival as follows: Revival is the Spirit of God working through the Word of God in God’s people. I find this an accurate definition, and what I see in this Lakeland stuff is little to no Bible.

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