Don’t read this one till later

I’m talking tomorrow about Jonathan, who got up and went after a victory, unlike his father King Saul who was content with a siesta under a pomegranate tree. Read all about it here.

Sometimes it can just be the abundance of available choices to do something good that stops us from doing what we could do. What may be done at any time will often be done at no time.

Most of us spend (waste) too many days on Someday Isle.

Ever been there?

Someday Isle write a book

Someday Isle help the poor

Someday Isle learn to dance

Someday Isle help the homeless

Someday Isle get help for my procrastination problem – but in the mean time…

It was my fear of failure that first kept me from attempting the master work. Now, I’m beginning what I could have started ten years ago. But I’m happy at least that I didn’t wait twenty years.” Paulo Coelho

3 thoughts on “Don’t read this one till later

  1. That’s funny! I watched ‘The Bucket List’ with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman last night and that is exactly the thought that crossed my mind right through the film.

    The problem is that most of us only think of taking on, before it is too late, all those challenges in life which have not eternal consequences. Sometimes, these do not even have any impact on our lives on this earth either. There are certain personality types for whom there is always the next big and better challenge and it is never enough.

    In the meantime, and this is what this film described beautifully, we neglect the real life-transforming “Someday Isles” such as forgiveness, being non-judgemental and being more concerned about leaving this world having impacted other people’s lives instead of ticking off all those exciting challenges on just our own.

    If you have not watched that film, no dejes para manana, lo q

  2. Sorry I missed a bit:

    If you have not watched that film, no dejes para mana lo que puedes hacer hoy, which basically translates: Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can (and should) do today

  3. I did watch it on a plane – really good. It’s a shame we’re having trouble playing video at church at the moment as it has lots of teachable points throughout>

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