How to dig up treasure – the Circle

The Circle

We’ve started looking at LIFESHAPES today at Ivy.

The first one is the Circle.

It’s a great way to process what God wants to do in our lives.

Follow this link to the church website if you want to hear my talk with further detail on it once it’s available.

My main point really came from one of Jesus’ shortest parables. Remember the guy who found treasure hidden in a field? (Surely you have time to read ONE VERSE?)

He didn’t just think ‘how interesting – there’s treasure here.’

He dug it up!

He rolled up his sleeves and he sweated and toiled and he paid the price to get the treasure.

We sometimes want it to just fall in our laps.

God says, “Here’s how it works in my kingdom: get digging!”

The Circle provides a way to not just be a hearer (deceiving myself) but a doer of the Word.

I heard Brother Andrew from Open Doors speak at the New Wine conference, about a month back. Amazing! A 70 year old man still 100% going for it- witnessing to the Taliban. He said –

“The reason Christians are fearful is that you read too many papers and not enough Bible.”

WOW! There’s some kingdom treasure there.

But I can just let it fly by as he says it. It’s a KAIROS moment; a special time. God is breaking some truth in – heaven is touching earth. What do I do?

Let’s go through the circle…the first half is all about how I start to change my mind – have it renewed…

I observe… (that is a very profound statement- made by a man worth listening to).

I reflect... (I wrote it down- I ponder it, chew it over.

WE discuss… (don’t do Christianity alone – we need each other! Send me your thoughts and comments on this please)

But I haven’t finished yet.

J John says, “When all is said and done – a lot more gets said than done!”

Look at the second half on the circle. Let’s not kid ourselves – FAITH is action!

I make a PLAN. Less newspapers. Less news on Tv. Less internet. What will I do with the time? MORE BIBLE!

I get you to hold me to ACCOUNT. Ask me – am i spending more time studying God’s word this week? (Not just for sermons; to grow closer to Jesus!

And none of that is worth much – the treasure stays in the ground – unless and until…


(Bye now – I’m off to read my Bible 🙂 )

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  1. Hi Anthony

    I am encouraged to see you using the Lifeshapes. We have been using these for a few years now and established leadership huddles about two years ago. Very helpful.

    I hope you are settling in well at Ivy.

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