This Little Light

Been encouraged by my friend today to get on with blogging again.

It’s a bit like going to the gym – or not! You either keep regularly plugging away or let it slide.

Anyway I encourage you to watch this fantastic video which LZ7 (who come to my church!) have put together for one of their most infuriatingly catchy songs.

BEWARE – once it’s in your head you’re not getting it out again. These guys are going in schools all over the area here bringing their light to kids who need to hear the life changing message about Jesus Christ. They take lessons about self esteem, bullying etc and invite teenagers to concerts where they can hear the unchanging message of God’s love in a way they can understand and relate to.

Last week I went to one of their concerts at the Apollo Theatre in Manchester where more than 3300 kids crammed in to ‘Hope Unleashed’ and as well as having my ears blasted by the noise I had my heart jumping in excitement! God is up to something in this city!

One thought on “This Little Light

  1. I knew God has got sooooo much more to pull out of your “blog bag”.

    I know of a little Miss who is going to love that song and want it on her ipod straightaway.

    Fantastic to see what the Christian youth are doing in Manchester. We only ever get to hear about the nasty things going on down there, so glad you are shining your light too and setting the record straight.


    ransom33 @

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