Virgin Birth defines history

The famous American TV interviewer Larry King was once asked whom he would most want to interview, if he could choose any one person in history. His answer was: Jesus Christ.

Then he was asked – What would you like to ask Jesus?

I would like to ask Jesus if He was indeed virgin-born. The answer to that question would define history for me.”

That’s why J John says, ‘The hinge of history, is on a stable door in Bethlehem.’ That’s how important this is!

Maybe you’re not sure yourself whether it ever happened, or why it really matters. But it’s vital to get that question answered. Because if it really happened, Larry King’s right – it’s the most important event in history, because it shows how different Jesus really was.

It tells us that GOD has come to earth! And here’s why this is absolutely critical to the Christian message – the conception of Jesus Christ in this manner, the virgin birth. Why is it so special? Well, it is unique in all the history of humanity – because He is!

This is the only time this has or ever will occur. This is critical to the gospel.  This is critical to Christianity, because it tells us about the nature of Christ – that HE is both God and Man!

He had to be born of God to be Son of God.

He had to be born of a woman to be Son of Man!

He had to be born like us to identify with us.

And He had to be born as God to be able to save us from our sins.

So Mary who is human and God who is divine – are brought together – and the baby born in Bethlehem is born of God and of woman. He’s not just a good man. He is God and Man. Unique! He’s the God-Man!

And the nature of Jesus Christ as God and Man is at the very heart of the Christian faith. That’s why the Christian faith presents, as an historical claim, the fact that Jesus was born of a Virgin—a special Being who came in a special birth. If anyone denies the deity of Jesus Christ, that’s not a issue up for denate, because they’ve destroyed Christianity beyond recognition.

I’m afraid for many (including preachers, theologians and church leaders) the Virgin Birth is thought of and spoken of as a metaphor or symbol these days, a nice story to make some religious people feel more hopeful. But people are embarrassed about the idea of examining it as an historical claim that actually happened.

It’s a shame when those who are supposed to lead seem to have less faith than the average non Christian – last year one poll discovered that more than a third (34%) of Britons believe that the virgin birth really happened. Only 32 per cent said they believed that the statement “Jesus was born to a virgin called Mary” was fictional. 52 per cent agreed or strongly agreed that the birth of Jesus was significant and 72 per cent of people agreed that the birth of Jesus remained significant culturally.

Obviously from a human perspective, it’s not possible. Mary herself said to the angel, “How can this be – since I’m a virgin?” which shows that having questions is fine. But people don’t just want us sharing our questions, and they have enough doubts of their own! It’s time for us to stand up and declare the truth of the angel’s reply as he reminded her, “Nothing will be impossible – with God.”


That’s good enough for me. It was for her! If an all powerful GOD is in the equation, then all solutions are available.

This Christmas let’s emulate Mary’s faith, “Let it be to me, according to your word.

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