A way in the desert

There are a lot of desert experiences, in life and in the Bible. Jesus himself went through it. In fact Mark’s gospel says the Holy Spirit ‘threw’ him there!

It’s natural for us to complain about being in the desert. It’s a bit of a Christian catchphrase – when you want to moan about God, but sound holy about doing it. “I’m going through a bit of a desert experience at the moment.”

What do you do in the desert? There’s no map (you could try a piece of sandpaper I suppose). You don’t know where you’re going, how you got there or when you’re getting out. Can I make a couple of suggestions?

1) Listen to God.
You’re in that season for a reason. It’s a test – but you’ll be blessed! God wants to teach you something – are you learning the lesson? The desert is where he breaks us of self sufficiency, or the need for self promotion. The desert is the place he teaches discipline and dependence on him. But our God makes a way in the desert! There is a voice in the desert! It’s calling out, “Prepare the way of the Lord!” The Lord can still make a way!

2) Get thirsty.
The desert is where we get serious, we got solitude and we get silent before God. Here there is no ready source of any substance or distraction to slake our thirst. We realise here we don’t need more stuff, more company, more money, more of anything that doesn’t satisfy. We just need more of Jesus Christ , who cries out “If anyone thirsts – let him come to me and drink!”

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