5 thoughts on “What If Jesus Meant All That Stuff?

  1. Potentially a very powerful article but its message is rendered ineffective and void of any power when it is published in the same magazine which has a section called “women we love” containing pictures and articles which are clearly not in line with God’s heart for his people.

    There has to be a line which as Christians we must guard ourselves from crossing, which is to become of the world as we attempt to reach it. As far as I can see, publishing this type of article in a clearly popular magazine for all the wrong reasons, opens up the door of forfeiting one’s soul to gain the whole world.


  2. I agree the magazine’s not what I’d want to read as a Christian, but think it’s great that those men that would get it, might find the message of Jesus therein – it’s kind of like the incarnation where the Lord came into a messed up world with another way; friend of sinners etc.
    Anyway if you think that they shouldn’t have done it probably best to contact Sojourners website who I subscribe to and saw the link on first.

  3. Thanks Anthony,

    You know, I hate to admit it, but the previous comment I left on your post stinks of short-sightedness, and you are right, the people who would buy that magazine anyway, may be blessed to stumble upon that article. You raise a very fair point!

    I have to add, however, that my initial concern expressed on my email (before I commented on your post) was more for all your blog readers, presumably many Christians, who following the link to the article, may stumble upon more than they bargained for. More Christian men (and women in less numbers) than we care to admit, married and not married, have an internal struggle with looking at that kind of stuff, and so as Christians, it is our responsibility to ensure that we never point anyone in that dangerous direction.

    Yes, I have always been a bit of a prude and erred on the side of over-caution, but this has averted disaster in my life on various occasions.

    Thank you for listening and for your time.

  4. Agreed that his choice to publish an article about God in Esquire actually makes him resemble Jesus more than most forms of “outreach” that I do. I was, also, offended at first, but once I did a gut check, I realized that it was the scandal of grace that was offending me. Good conversation here.

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