On Sunday 28th March I’m going to run the Wilmslow Half Marathon to raise money for two great causes, Blood Sweat & Compassion (Haiti Hospital) and the Message here in the UK.

Please sponsor me by clicking HERE. It only takes a few minutes through Just Giving!

The first great charity I want to raise money for is http://www.bloodsweatandcompassion.org seeking to rebuild the Wesleyan hospital- the only functioning hospital on the stricken island of La Gonave, Haiti. When I recently visited soon after the earthquake I found it open 24/7, staffed by excellent doctors and nurses who carry out life saving work every day – it still serves the 120,000 people on the island but they are now operating outside the building as in the aftermath of the recent devastation it’s in ruins and must be  rebuilt!

Many of you will already be aware the fantastic work The Message Trust does, not only here in Manchester – but now all round the UK through Eden – helping people in our inner cities by transforming their communities from the inside out. This award winning charity works in schools, colleges and prisons, to bring hope to the hardest to reach urban young people. My two daughters, Emma & Hannah, now work in ministries connected to this tremendous organisation.

I’ve been training since Christmas and as I get older it’s not getting any easier – but I’m getting slightly faster!  Make it worthwhile by spending just a couple of minutes as you sponsor me here. My church, Ivy Manchester are helping to administrate the giving and it’ll be equally split between the two causes.

Every penny helps. Don’t put it off, please do it now. THANK YOU!


    1. Hi Paul/ Bert
      If you were the REAL Paul Lake, you went to my school and came to my wedding. What a player! What a shame!
      Should have been England Captain – oh, what might have been. Thanks for the good wishes.

  1. Oh wow – pass on my regards to Paul, and thank him for the pleasure it was to watch him, albeit briefly.

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