Craig Groeschel; Generational tension #cat10

The enemy wants to split us not just into denominations, but also generations. Isolating the younger from the older and vice versa.

But we NEED each other.

Am I in the older generation?

If you asked, you are.

Don’t resent, fear or judge the next generation of leaders but find them and pour into them. Eleven year olds are the church of TODAY. They are different, they are supposed to be. Don’t worry about styles.

But we feel insecure. We wonder, ‘Are my best days behind me?’ Don’t delegate tasks, that gets followers delegate authority – that grows leaders.

Just be yourself.  Be authentic.

If you are not DEAD, you are not DONE. Your age is your greatest asset, not a liabilty.

Lylle Schaller. Church consultant/ writer. Now 87 years old. He said he peaked in his early 70s. Told Craig, when considering starting a new service, ‘All you young guys think too small..’

Open your home to other generations. One of the greatest honours is to become like a spiritual dad to the next generation, Don’t try to be cool or a coach – be a parent.  Pray, like David, “That I may declare you to the next generation…”

Younger generation?

What’s the number 1 word to describe emerging generation – begins with E

Asked young people in their twenties what they thought that word was? – ‘Exceptional, extraordinary.’

But older people usually described them as ‘Entitled.’ They have been over-protected  – feel it should all come easily to you. That you should easily get what the older ones worked hard for. You tend to over-estimate what God wants to do with you in the short term, and when you don;t get it – you under-estimate what God wants to do through you in the long run.

This is a generation which does not honour well those older than them.

Honour publicly leads to private favour. ‘But they don’t get it.’ No, but honour them, and they will.

Jesus was healing people allover the place but it says in Mark 6: ‘only in his home town was he treated without honour…’  Greek word – atemos

He COULD not (that’s what it says) there was no faith because there was no honour. There was no faith in those above us. When we truly honour Jesus we will honour those he has placed in authority over us. Being biblically submissive.

TIME – Greek word = to respect, treat as precious and valuable. Honour values, dishonour devalues. Place in a high position and treat well. Don’t say, ‘I will honour my leader if he were honourable,’ maybe if you honoured him he would be able to rise to that.

When I ascribe honour to you you will become honourable. Many younger leaders need to repent because they have been dishonouring. Be teachable. Speak well of them.

Who can you honour today? Of another generation, who have gone before us. We stand on their shoulders.

Younger generation- don’t feel entitled. You don’t deserve the same salary as Mum & Dad right now. There is kingdom greatness in you, if you will learn to honour like this.

Yu believe in God? God believes in you. There could be a future Spurgeon, Piper, Hybels, Wesley… if you come under authority – the greatness can be released. Take the best of those who gave gone before and the audacious faith of those who are now coming and work TOGETHER for the Kingdom.