Lynn Swart – Just 10: Anger.

My notes on Lynns talk tonight

Murderer told her in jail, I regret so much that I can never make it right.

Life is cheap.
Raul Moat.
It’s on our news all the time.
Road rage. You could be the victim or the perpetrator!
It’s when you feel I’m in the right & I have to put you right.
Air rage. All the signs warning you not to kick off.
1 in 4 women will have been assaulted by their partner.
You can be passive and commit murder. Effectively – When you see people starving and say it’s not my problem.
Will we care for those around us – preserve and protect life.
Eg Abortion. 6 million in UK, since 1967 Act. We can’t sugar coat this.

Jesus goes from murder to anger. Matt 5:21.
Includes racism, hatred, grudges.
We use angry language.
Drop dead!

There’s a thin line between hateful words and actions. Watch you don’t go over the edge.

You can be…
Maniac. Fly off publicly. Raging. Scary!

Mute. Deny it, repress – conceal how you feel. Bury it – alive!

Manipulator. Hurtful humour?

How do we manage our anger?

Admit it. To friends & before God.

Deal with it immediately. You can’t shake hands with a closed fist. Eph 4:26. Don’t give the devil a foothold.
Don’t seek revenge – leave it to God!

Understand anger. What’s under the surface? Pain? A need. Learn not to react, but respond.

Stop & think – before you speak.
James 1:9. Quick, slow, slow.
Be careful how you use your words

Be filled with the Spirit! Self control is fruit.