Alan Taylor at Ivy MCR – how God can change me

We can become complacent.
If I’m going to heaven anyway, why bother changing now?
Jesus invites us into the Kingdom NOW. He wants us to enter into what has already been won for us 2000 years ago.
We’ve all picked up habits. We all have hurts & hang ups.
We are powerless without his power. He has to save us
His power has to change us
I believe in victory. We mustn’t shy away from overcoming. That’s for us!
To live extraordinary lives!
We believe in miracles
But sometimes they come as process not climactic events.

I must earnestly believe that God exists, that I matter to him, & that he has the power to help me recover.

Heb 11:6

1. Acknowledge God’s Existence
Psalm 14:1- The fool says in his heart there is no God
Rom 1:20 – God’s power & nature – clearly seen.
All the universe speaks of him.
The stars are a sermon!!
We need to know the historical nature & apologetics of our faith. Don’t be lazy.

2. Understand Gods Nature
Our parents might not have really modelled him too well, what is God really like- because I can only trust him if I know him.
Col 1:15
So… Get into the gospels! Because Jesus is God.

He… Knows all about my situation.
(I might have no idea what you are going through – he is intimately aware- keeps your tears in a bottle).

He…Cares about my situation.
(Ps 103). He knows what we are made of – dust! He is tender, gentle toward us, even when correcting us.

He… Can change me – and my situation.
We can buy into the lie that it’s just who I am. Not true! You are being transformed! Get in a small group with others. That will help – community. Resurrection power is in you!

Don’t just postpone the change. We are meant to have zoe eternal life now. Don’t keep looking in the rear view mirror, that does not have to shape what’s ahead of you.

There are seasons where he will bring you to your knees.

How do I accept Gods power to help me?
God even gives you the WILL to change what needs to change. He has power, love & self control to enable it.


It’s simple- just say to God..