Debra Green’s Talk today on Ecclesiastes 1:12-18

I’ve put this together as notes for Ivy CR Grow Groups from Debra Green’s talk this morning in our new series.

Ecclesiastes 1:12-18
Compare the passage in various translations, including the Message.
Ecclesiastes is the Questers journal on life. Its good to do that if it helps you. Discuss in the group- who among you keeps a journal? Is it helpful? What experiences do you have of journalling?
These seem like strange sayings don’t they?
The words are meant to disillusion of our illusions: life is more significant than what can be measured by short term gains can give.
Rather than pursue various things (list them as a group), pursue God!
Does your life at the moment reflect that you are pursuing God first & foremost?
How might someone objectively viewing your life judge that?
Consider the phrase ‘under the sun.’ it means ‘all I can see, touch, hear & feel here.’ We need to look at what’s above the Sun. How much of what the media, government, science etc loses any heavenly or eternal perspective and encourages us to base our lives on what is here and now alone?
How might we gain and keep that perspective this week?
Tolstoy’s: ‘1st order question’ Is there anything in my life that will survive my inevitable death?
What’s YOUR answer – in the context of eternity – to Tolstoy’s question? Discuss and list.
The Quester’s bottom line is in Ecclesiastes 12:13. Read that- and thank God for your purpose.
This life is preparation for eternal life. We can live with destiny. Eternity starts the moment you become a Christian- you see it in 3D, not just under the Sun.
Pray for one another in the group that we will fulfil the purpose for our lives that God has, and settle for no lesser dream than he has for us.