Andy Hawthorne: Called to Impact!

Andy Hawthorne

When you became a Christian you weren’t called to come to church but to BE the church.
Success is not a big building for us to gather in, but when we impact the world. The real action is on the pitch, but the 15 minute break with the manager is important

Ephesians 2:10
– not me. Corporate promises! Not solo flight Christianity.

Are God’s masterpiece
We wow God!! He smiles over you

Created in Christ

To do good works

Prepared in advance for us to do

If I don’t do mine, the world misses out. Go to the grave having done them,

This verse doesn’t sit alone. We need its context.
It starts with the worst news ever. Very bad news.
As for you, you were dead, following the devil, an object of wrath!

That’s harsh. But without Christ, we are sinners. Dead men walking. All of us, the best of us. Thoughts, attitudes, and actions. Dark hearts. Messing the world up: and God is angry about that. Everything that spoils the world. Righteous anger. You think God doesn’t get angry at what makes us angry? When you read about Vincent Tabak, or human trafficking etc.

Because of his great love… Jesus!! Grace!! Good news!! Made alive!! The punishment taken for us! I’m glad I’m a Christian! Get passionate about that
Because passionate people change the world.

Darkness came on the earth for three hours as he took the fall. Our fall
Our substitute
The divine But in your life.
Not saved by good works
But by that good work
For good works!

If you don’t want to impact the world for good, you’re not really a Christian! You have to work out what those works are, you’ve been appointed for some good works.

The gospel works!
You are called to something! Discover it.

1) invest in relationships
2) invite people to church, to Alpha etc

Invest and invite = Impact!!

That’s how the early church grew exponentially.