George Verwer at Message Prayer Day

Psalm 67
It’s a missionary’s psalm. May ALL the peoples praise you!!

One of the emphases of Proverbs is the need for wisdom.
So much information – so little wisdom these days. People can be brilliant in one field and awfully foolish in other ways.
The wiser you get, the less confidence you’ll get the truth you need from the media.

Most people who go Overseas in mission end up going back to their own country – and end up influencing there.

Go into all the world!
2000 years on, how is that going?

5 different kinds of countries:

1) Massive Growth:
1 million more Christians a year in Brazil.
Exploding growth in S Korea
And China, church growth spreading from countryside to the cities. Philippines. Singapore.
Many nations – Global South.
This was not true 50 years ago!

We long for more here!

2) significant breakthroughs – but not great.
Algeria. Very little fruit visible for some missionaries
USA – lots of new movements, but some decline.

3) People think nothing’s happening – but it is.
Eg France. Spain. Small churches – but exciting work!

4) relatively strong church, but not sure of the way forward. Eg Britain!
There has been a great shift toward social action, incarnation. That costs hundred times more money – its all consuming. Wonderful. But you have to raise tons of money for that if you are not going to just do that & not stop proclaiming. We have to fight to keep the balance. To keep bringing the Word too.
If we are going to fight more we need a bigger army! We need more workers for the harvest! God is working in a variety of ways.
Number 1 controversy in missions? Muslim ‘insider movement.’ it’s just contextualised Christianity.

In Britain, the gospel is still strong! We should still be sending people, we are among the top nations of the world able to do so.

5) the nations with almost nothing of the gospel – waiting for a word.

Acts 20 is the mount everest of Acts.
Check it from vs 17.
Look at 20:20
20 20 vision = public and personal ministry.
Preach to many but don’t get too busy for the one. We should never get too busy to get to focus on individual people. Give time to someone who will never help us or return the favour. How can we not be concerned for the grieving and suffering. This is the fun generation.
We have to work. Because God has put a calling on our lives.
Vs 24. I consider my life nothing to me if only I may complete my race – i want to complete the task Jesus has given me: to proclaim the gospel.

In music in testimony in art in preaching…

Anytime you have the opportunity – do it. Listen to people, see what their attitude is to Christianity. Share the gospel.

We are not perfect – it’s a battle!