Debra Green at Ivy Msnchester

Debra Green at Ivy Manchester
Olympic Church
The Main Event

Life’s full of challenges, there are hurdles in the race of life. How do we sustain?

Hebrews 12:1-3

This shows us how not to lose heart!

We have got so much surrounding us, that’s helping us on.

1) All Heaven is on your side!

Jesus is praying for you, interceding for you before the Father. Especially at the times when you fail and feel discouraged,

2) The heroes of faith – listed in chapter 11: the church Triumphant.
They did it! They made it! They kept going and crossed the line. And it wasn’t all glory days and perfect obedience

3) The church militant,

Those we are running with now. The way you run is critical to someone running alongside you. You are part of someone else’s crowd. How do you look when you look at you? The ministry of smiling.
Of hospitality.
Of rejoicing in your success.

Do you feel like giving up?
Sickness, debt, job loss?

The people around you need you to keep going.

They are in your crowd.
Look out.
See past the smile and ask a question and offer to pray.

Are there weights holding you back?
That’s why God put you in church!
To lift each other up.

Is there sin?
There’s a big difference between condemnation and conviction. Condemnation tells you you are out of the race with no way back. It’s from the devil.
Conviction says, ‘I want you restored to run again.’ He comes in one moment to free you.

You will finish well.

Remember Paula Radcliffe when she failed 3 miles out?

What do you think those around her said – you’ll run another day!!

6 things those who finish have..,

Network of friends
Honest & confessional
Intimate with Jesus
Willing to learn.

Run this race!