KP Yohannan at Ivy Manchester

1 John 2:6…

He who says he abides in him out also to walk as he walked

Anyone who says he’s a Christian should live as Christ lived

How do we do that practically

How did Jesus walk his life on earth?

Jn 4 – Samaritan Woman
The disciples saw something very strange
Jesus is talking to a woman
Culturally wrong!

It was a special assignment for him to go there for one woman. They are confused
He says ‘I’m already full.’
He says ‘My food is to do the will of him who sent me’
I ate God’s will.

The Lord says ‘lift up your eyes – look away from your little world of yours – and see.’

This one woman’s destiny change and the promise of it filled up his heart.

Do you let your heart be broken by the lostness of people?

35 million of them in one weekend go into the dirty waters of the Ganges to have their sins cleansed. They perish without having chance to come to know the gospel.

We blame the devil for everything.
Our problem is we are self centred
Jesus was the opposite.

Kp talked about how he found himself relatively wealthy – and for 3 years not able to cry anymore: until the Lord reappeared to him and turned him back around.

How old are you
100 years from now, what will matter
The only worthwhile life now is to be lived passionately for Jesus.

When did you last Fast & pray for your friends or a people group?

Get hold of operation world
Set one day a week aside for prayer & fasting – you will not die Live simply, so your resources can be used to spread the gospel If he is calling you to go, go – to the nations!