Giant killing – Intimidation vs Intimacy

Ivy GG notes. 

Graham Cooke told us: You get to live in the favour of God. This is who we are. Don’t live below the line of your privilege. 

Discuss – what does the Favour of God mean? 

GC: At the cross, Jesus has removed everything that was hostile to us. God said ‘I will make all your enemies turn their backs on you.’ The enemy is vulnerable to the favour of God that is working in your life. The opposition now works for you. The enemy was created to serve the purpose of God. Nothing’s changed. He still does.

Read the beginning of Job. What does this tell you about the devil, his role in the world, and the limitations of his power? What puzzles you about this story? 

Do you tend to live in fear that the enemy can steal, kill and destroy – or  do you live as I said last Sunday, DARING, DEFENDED – so DO IT. 


GC: Don’t focus on the attack of the enemy. Look what God’s doing. David turns up with the cheese for his brothers. Hears Goliath. Steps up – and the enemy tries to intimidate him. But the enemy hasn’t got the resources. God has. Intimidation is cheap! (Your intimacy with God is the most scary thing to the devil). 

Goliath’s shouting has worked for him many times. But it doesn’t work for someone who is intimate with God. 

David knows something Goliath doesn’t – he has a prophecy from Samuel – a promise that’s not yet fulfilled, ‘One day I’ll be King – and I’m not yet. So, it sucks to be you!’


What promises about your future are you holding onto no matter what?