Billy Gilvear: Meekness – Gentle Giants!

New regional director for Manchester.
Matt 5

The British army is built on the values that come direct from the sermon on the mount.

Popular view of happiness – when and then thinking:
When this happens – then I will be happy

Kelly Holmes interview this week: she had the dream of a gold medal since the age of 12. Then she had one setback after another:
Started cutting – self harming
Then after she got a gold medal, it was great/ for a while… But then she said she got down again ‘because I had no hope.’

The richest people Billy met when working in close protection were the loneliest.

Matt 5:5
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Who do we think of when we hear ‘meek’ – Ned Flanders.
The word sounds weak.meek, squeak – like a mouse!

But only 2 men in the bible were described as meek- Jesus and Moses

Meek = power under control.
Cf Monty Roberts. The horse whisperer brings the strength under control.

Jesus is saying ‘happy are those…who don’t overreact to people’

Phil 2:4

Be understanding, not demanding.

We have a reputation of being pushy. Do you treat people with respect

Be gentle, not judgemental.
We are all imperfect! How do you react when someone blows it? Do you say ‘I told you so?’
The one thing that angered Jesus more than anything else was self righteous religious people

Be tender- without surrender.
Retreat in fear? Attack in anger? Or respond in love?

Meekness and gentleness go together: a Gentle Giant.
Inga the Winger – played for Wigan. Loves Jesus.
Jason Robinson had it all, and nothing- empty inside. Saw his team mate’s joy and started to ask – what have you got?

And he’d smile, ‘I’ve got Jesus.’
Eventually Jason Robinson stopped chasing the wind and got Jesus too.

The Bible says-
This is the testimony, if you’ve got Jesus, you’ve got life

Be teachable, not unreachable.
Are you open or closed to new ideas? Our biggest critics can help us.

Rom 12:7
You will get hurt- how you respond matters most. Do you look for revenge? Don’t let anyone else ruin your day- or your life.

‘you make me mad’ = I’m weak, nor meek. You control my emotions, not my character.

The person with self control rules the world.

Victor Frankl- they can take everything in my life except how I choose how to respond – in love.

All of this rules me out. Because I can’t do that.

But the Spirit of power, love and self control in me enables me!!

That’s meekness.
Fruit of the Spirit. Power + love.
It’s who Jesus is. Meekness in majesty.