@mattyhawthorne – Sharing God’s Story

Sharing in God’s story for our life

God uses the ordinary things
He is in the salvage business
Like Wall E
Check the video

Wall E’s job is to salvage – and our God fixes what’s broken Romans 8
The creation is waiting for that to fully happen

There’s not many noble or wise here. God chooses nobodies to do some of his greatest stuff. Those who have nothing without God.

God gets you back on track.
Your sat nav directs you on the perfect route (well it should!) God has a good and perfect plan
If you go a long way off track
He recalculates.

Do you believe there is a purpose to your life?

How will you find it if you don’t find Him?
Jeremiah 29:11 lays it out.

John 16 – Jesus says how we find out the plan and live it- it’s all about the Holy Spirit.

When God’s story becomes your story – God brings you home.