What are your FIG leaves? @lynnswart at Ivy MCR

Cliff Richard said its so funny that we don’t talk any more
But it’s not funny
We share – but mostly online.
Time on Facebook grows as face to face stops.
We are living in a generation where heart communication needs to be relearned. God loves to share.
Sometimes we feel our lives are formless and void.
But one word from him changed everything – it still does.

And humanity was made to share and be open.
But they listened to the other voice and were lured by his lies. Gen 3:7
They realised they were naked.
Sewed fig leaves.
Wanted to hide from God and each other
We’ve been on the run ever since.
What are our fig leaves?
What stops our honest communication – stops us taking risks.

F.I.Gs what does that stand for?

F – Fake
Actor in Gk = hypocritus.
Many nations have dances etc with masks.
When you have a mask on you can’t see clearly, speak freely, hear clearly etc. Be authentic – then you are free to be who God made you to be.

Sincere literally means ‘without wax.’
Dishonest sculptors would cover up the flaws with wax.
But we don’t have to cover up the flaws. We are known and loved. We want to be a community where people are safe, loved and protected.

G – Guarded
We guard our hearts closely.
You don’t have to share your deepest things with everyone – but with some!

Jesus says he wants in.

Psalm 24 open the door!
Who is it?
The Lord – strong and mighty!
Open up!

Adam and Eve – through their wrong decision got out of the Garden.

Now through Jesus we are about to get back in the garden. That place of intimacy with God where we can be authentic, sincere and unguarded.

Not just there to eat fruit but bear it!
Gal 5 fruit!

Get rid of the FIG leaves!

Instead be a carrier and communicator of hope, grace, peace, truth and love.