James Galloway – A church full of Armour Bearers

Gen 1
Gods word brings creativity and vision – then in John 1 we see his word made flesh! And he makes a promise – ‘I will build my church’
So why is the average church in Britain in retreat ?
Gen 3 – we have to cultivate the ground.

The standard way of building church – gather a few people around a vision. Then a vision statement. Then they cross their fingers and hope the church gets it .

The future of this church is not in the hands of the leaders so much as the lead.

1 Sam 14
Jonathan steps out from the rest of the people who are under the pomegranate tree and sets out on an adventure with an adventure

I’m with you heart and soul

The 2 of them set out and got a victory
But the 600 with them were watching
And eventually joined in.

Saul eventually said ‘forget the ephod let’s get into it.’

600 immobilised warriors got out from the shade abd engaged in the mission. They were looking for an example
All it took was an armour bearer to show the way

There were also loads of Hebrews hiding in caves- hiding away. Hurt. Damaged.

What got them out if the cave was that armour bearer responding to a vision and setting the example

There were also some of God’s people exiles and prodigals in the enemy camp – who came back! They switched sides. Those who had walked away came back.

Why can’t our church be full of armour bearers?!
Imagine a church full of armour bearers. !

He didn’t even think about it he was up for it
He didn’t even have to spiritualise it and wait for a prophetic word. He resonated.

We never know his name
He’s not in it for that
Fiercely loyal
He hasn’t even got a sword.
If Jonathan died – Saul would have killed him .

Armour bearers set the example of how to follow.

The immobilised people don’t look to the paid leader but to the volunteers.

Look at a golf club
There are all kinds of membership levels there.

4 different types of church members.

1 Vision Catchers

2 Vision Carers – it matters to you.

Armour bearers go further than that:

3 vision carriers – they help with it, carry the burden, give of themselves

We hear about the 80/20 rule – but that’s not in the Bible. We are a body – the hand and eye and mouth and legs function

If I looked at your Facebook pg does that carry the vision

4. Vision casters – represent the vision. When you look at them, you see Ivy. It’s not going to church it’s being to. Be the church you want to see.

Do you get the vision and represent it?

So the immobilised move into victory.