‘Fruitfulness’ – Psalm 1 Debra Green OBE at Ivy MCR

Psalm 1.
Debra says she has a green surname but not green fingers.
But years ago she bought 3 bedding shrubs to be in the porch (first impressions).
She watered them for months and they still looked great. In fact, as good as the day they were bought. Then the visitor pointed out that they were artificial! She had been looking after fake
Nurturing something dead
The psalmist says we do that, we spend time on trash
How foolish

Some things and relationships have a negative effect on our growth. Worthless things. Bad company that corrupts.

But other things build & help me.

3 lots of 3 word triplets of how habits form

Walk, sit, stand

Wicked, sinners, scoffers

Counsel, path, seat.

You see the degenerative procession?!

We all want to fit in: it starts with who you walk with, in the counsel of the wicked. Popular opinion matters more than God’s counsel.

Wicked means ‘loose.’

Standing here means ‘stopping’ – in the wrong places and counsel. A bad pattern is forming

Sinners here means someone who has made a deliberate anti-God choice. Beware!

Sitting – become like.
Mockers: scoffers.

There’s another way to go!
Thank God for that word BUT!

Ephesians 3 shows that we were ALL once like that. But! Jesus has stepped in!
Now you delight in the way of The Lord, delight here = preoccupied. You’re not perfect but you are like a tree. He produces fruit

Deep roots – leads to stability. This is the hidden life. The secret life of prayer and worship with God gives the strength that’s needed to weather the storm. Use your time driving etc – podcasts. First the root, then the fruit

Good soil – the environment. Join one of our Grow Groups! How’s the soil around you?

Near the water- proximity to the water. We must be filled with the Holy Spirit! He takes up residence and makes us fruitful.

Planted here is literally ‘transplanted.’ God takes us out of the barren desert dry ground and puts us into a new rich soil.

Then – you will produce much fruit!

Are you feeling like you are in a desert place? God’s river of living water is nearby. Be transplanted!

John 15. He will cut away, he will prune – but trust the gardener

An alder, no matter how far the water is, it’s roots will always bend toward the water. Let’s bend toward the Spirit and receive the Spirit, today!

Read Isaiah 55- come to the waters!