Leaving A Legacy – Alan Taylor

What sort of legacy are you going to leave?
Prov 20
Will you leave a blessing behind?
This has a lot to do with character.
When we live with Jesus right at the centre, he grows his peace etc in us. Legacy comes from having that at the centre it leaves a mark in our lives.
Gen 12 – God promised Abram that if he did what he said he would be blessed AND be a blessing.
He’d become part of a spiritual family and community that would change and bless all nations. Christ is for people who know they need a Doctor
If you aren’t sure you need a Dr you are probably not ready for Him yet. Jn 1:12 – we get the right to become his family.
It starts when you give yourself to God, all of you! 2 Cor8:5 And have you done the second part of that verse!?
Given yourselves to one another?
Is this church your church
Or ‘that church’
Will you be part of what God is doing HERE
We are looking to build a legacy together.
We want to build a movement in the nation and the nations
Your legacy can’t just be about you and God. It’s in community with others so you can make the biggest difference. Make a different choice!
(I will post up the different choices Ivy Fallowfield are committing to- it is awesome!) 1 John 3:16
We know John 3:16 probably
Have you found a place you can lay your life down?
People you can lay your life down for and with.
At Ivy we have a simple vision, Knowing, Growing, Going.
It starts with giving your life into his hands.