The Great Commission is fulfilled by the Great Commandment. Alan Taylor at Ivy MCR

We love to see growth. Watch a toddler getting more words, more movement.
And it’s great to see people grow more open to go from ‘no gods’ to ‘Yes to God.’ We want to grow
Spiritual growth
Matt 28
Context – Matthew is about Jesus’ life and ministry – his call to follow went out as he brought the Kingdom near. And he has given us this Great commission – to continue his ministry.

Ivy Fallowfield went out for 40 days between 11pm through to 1am! 40 days of blessing. Handed out promises of God to students. One said ‘I received one already and disagree with it.’
Because my life has no purpose or meaning.
What’s your purpose?
Look at Jesus’ last words
This is his will
It’s a living will – what Jesus wants to do with his body!

What is a disciple?
A learner.
Someone learning to do what Jesus does.
Our educational system doesn’t set us up well for that kind of learning. We revise and do exams, we try to pass.
But this isn’t about getting more knowledge
Are you an apprentice?
Learning on the job
Are you learning to do what Jesus did.

Bruce Lee. ‘I fear not the man who has learned 10,000 kicks – but the man who has practised one kick, 10,000 times.’

Never mind what we are learning. What are we practising?

Jesus said we are to obey His commandments.
Our culture hates the O word.
That obedience is restrictive
But obedience is actually incredibly liberating!

Jesus’ relationship with God (obedience) is what he wants to give to us too. It’s obedience in relationship.
Obey what?
Jesus sums it up and embodies the great commandment for us.
Get this one thing right – practice it:
Love God (who loved you first) and
Love people! Love your neighbour as yourself- put others needs first. Church can be a great place to learn to live like that.

Great question – is your heart getting harder or softer these days? Are you more compassionate? Or getting more angry? We are learning…

How are we learning?
When Jesus was baptised, the Holy Spirit remained on Him. Then he said ‘its going to be better for you now the Spirit can come..’ So Jesus says
REMEMBER – he is with us.
Do you remember?
He is there – to remind you of what God is saying.
Trying to learn to follow Jesus without getting in community with others is like a fish learning to swim… Out of water!
Learning to live like Jesus is something we do together, not in theory but in practice!

Alan once turned up at Uni to the wrong exam because he trusted someone who told him wrong.

Let’s not get to the ‘end of the age’ and find we were following all kinds of wrong advice, and what we thought was being success- is totally wrong.

Where are you now?
He’s with you.
Say ‘Hi’ and talk to Him.