David Shearman at Ivy Manchester

The mind controlled by the Spirit is life and peace.
Let your mind be controlled –
Not by your mind
Not by your emotions
Not by your body
By the Spirit

Cultivate the presence of God in your life. Be filled with Him. Recognise that each of us was born to be a presence carrier. You are incomplete without that.

How do we engage in prayer? For our families? There are some great prayers in the Bible. Prayer is a conversation
But it’s also about listening
Prophecy comes from listening
It comes from what you hear.
If you stand long enough you’ll see more, if you listen long enough you’ll hear more. Otherwise you just give people out of your intellect.

When was the last time when something swept over you and you knew that you were loved?

Prayer is about knowing and being known.

God is committed to making this life better and easier with Him than without Him. The word is near you – in your mouth.

2 Kings – Elisha
The road to anointing:
Gilgal – where he shed the past
Bethel – house of blessing
Jericho – place of past victories
Jordan – the lowest place/humility
You are not fully human until you stop being self reliant! We can’t do Wilderness – where we get the double portion

Chapter 8:3-6
Gods miracle timing. In walks the woman at just the right time. Haven’t you got ‘just as’ moments?

The more you pray, the more coincidences happen.

She had made a room there for him. Chapter 4
When tragedy strikes and all her hopes and dreams are dead on the bed. What do you do in a moment like that? The tough stuff of life. The prophet asks
Is everything alright
And she says
Everything is alright

The circumstances may be this and that
Everything is alright

It looks too late
Everything is alright

She persists
Vs 32.
Elisha was carrying the presence of God. We have no idea what he prayed. Urgently. Death had come! The boy got warm
He wrestled in prayer
Then he got on the bed and prayed once more.
Eyes on eyes
Mouth on mouth
Body on body
Easter was not a resuscitation it was a resurrection!

Will you commit to pray great prayers?

See the same things
Speak the same things
Do the same things