Dave Challis at Ivy MCR leaders day

Encouraged by ‘In search of Timothy’ by Tony Cooke.
The idea of supportive leaders.
The need for great ‘followership’
4 commitments: devoted to God, church, your calling & the leader of the church The church is God’s plan A
There is no plan B!
Be loyal, have a good attitude, growth oriented.
How well do I back up the leadership?
Beware of ‘staff infection’ – spreading the negative.

Know who you work for.
Moses’ brother Aaron was supposed to be a representative spokesman for Moses.

But when the pressure came on, Ex 32:1 – Aaron could have spoken up for Moses but instead he tried to please the people. He knew exactly what Moses was doing & could have said it.
Instead he was weak, and 3000 died because of that. There are consequences – Keep your Aaron!

2 Tim 1:1-2

Dave has been at Ivy 36 years! He’s totally up for the next stage of growth. We need to be ready for the growth God is going to build here next.

Generations need to mix up in discipleship too.

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