Roger Parker 2 Sam 9 The Kindness of a King

2 Sam 9
The kindness of a king.

Mephibosheth expected the worst
But because David loved his father Jonathan, he got the very best.
‘I am just like a stray dog from the streets.’
No, from now on- you are one of mine, and with me you will dine. Like the royal family.

This act of kindness is sandwiched between 2 major acts of violence, with about 100,000 dying,
Why is this chapter here?
In the midst of carnage, his heart melts when he thinks back to Jonathan.

Kindness is the OT word for what the NT would call grace.

It’s a bit too soft a word for us.

How do you score on the kindometer?
5 = wwjd
0 = wwjnd

It was standard practice in David’s day for the incoming king to say ‘is there anyone left?’
But that would be to destroy them.

Mephibosheth (his name means shameful) has been lame most of his life. In his early twenties he hears this summons. He’s been keeping it on the low many years? Expecting to be slain.

Why would David want to be kind to him?
Because David loved his father.

In the midst of hellish chapters in this world, God has extended amazing grace to us because of Jesus.

We may have lived far from God, crippled in hopelessness. Until the word of King Jesus comes and he does all the running.

We needed a blood transfusion and Jesus became the donor.

When we are presented to him we do not need to fear!
We are invited, with all our failings to the banqueting table – to a mansion.

Since Adam, we were all crippled by a fall.
Don’t trace your likeness back to your family tree
But to Calvary’s tree
Your spiritual birth is more important than your natural birth.

With the king, everything’s changed now. You still have your issues perhaps, but the love is always there, because the deep love was there from generations past.

David loved Mephibosheth because of Jonathan

And God loves you – despite your condition – because of Jesus.

We need to take that kindness
We need to let it flow out to others.