‘Pack Your Bucket And Spade To Dig A Trench In Egyptian Warzone.’ Thomsons Holidays have a very strange sense of humour.

Anyone who’s been following my tweets recently will know I’ve been alarmed by the way Thomsons holidays have shown a total lack of regard for their customers, only matched by their indifference to the awful plight of the suffering people of Egypt.

Some months ago when there was no hint of trouble we booked a large family holiday to Luxor for September, we were really looking forward to it but then were heartbroken with the rest of the world as we saw the bloodshed escalating.

A month has gone now since the FCO warned we must not travel to Luxor – and it shows no sign of changing.

Despite visits to the Thomsons shop, numerous phone calls and a long list of emails, Thomsons continue to act as if there is nothing wrong with the area, giving the only assurance when questioned that they are ‘monitoring the situation closely.’


Their website ‘latest travel news’ page only has a warning about Egypt that there is a risk of swine flu in some regions. Better take a hanky then.

Today I got this email –

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Oh yes, how exciting for us!

Thomsons have repeatedly sought to reassure me that they are ‘monitoring’ the situation.

Meanwhile Egypt is described as on the brink of civil war. Only the other day scores were killed there. Anyone with access to a TV, radio or the internet would know this. Luxor is listed specifically on the FCO website as a place not to go to. There are ‘high risks of terrorist attacks’ in the region.

I wonder if Thomsons apparent lack of knowledge of their being any problem as eveidenced by their repeated cheery ‘don’t forget your bucket and spade’ emails has anything to do with money?

If I do bring a spade, it might be to dig a trench.