Subtract & Divide. Oli May at Ivy Manchester

Matt 10:7-9
The first mission

Don’t take lots of equipment
Expect miracles and persecution

When you hear mission – what do you think of
Going to poor countries?
Arguing with colleagues?

Is mission an activity
Or a duty
Or something others do

Why is it important to understand

You can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it – Einstein

Q: are things in the world getting better

Well if you look at the developing world you would answer, no.

Most people in the world are poor and terrified.

Children in the west will live to 100
In Afghanistan – 10.

We spend £9.3bn on giving
The same amount as the sum on scratch cards, greeting cards and pet food and losing it down the sofa combined And we spend £41bn on beer

We are swapping our old problems for new.
We are ants that can’t lift this boulder

There has to be a higher power to help us.
Jesus says prioritise others not yourselves – that’s the only hope.

Mission is about connecting to God’s rescue plan: the kingdom of heaven.

Go… And…
Freely you have received
Freely give!
Matt 10:7-8

This is 24/7
It’s something you do out of passion not duty

For that to happen there will be.,,
Jesus has a mixed bunch of misfits in the 12.
He says don’t take…

A bag
Extra shirt

We interpret this as ‘rely on God instead’
But there’s even more going on.

What would not taking these things mean? In a society obsessed with being ritually unclean as much as poss.

It severely limited interaction with others – eg Parable of Good Samaritan. 2 priests walked by. Why? Because touching a dead body would make you unclean. Rule above people

Bag and sandals you were not meant to take a bag into the temple. Jesus is saying you are treading on holy ground. See people as special

Extra shirt – don’t worry about whether you are rich enough or clean enough

Staff – protection. Weapon. Put your fear to one side and replace with courage

This subtraction – what holds you back from the mission

What’s your baggage
What are you carrying – out of fear
Let go of the baggage

Jesus wants us to think about division differently too.
He knows what rejection feels like.

And Christians do get rejected

The world encourages us to think in terms of categories
But God sees individuals

Jesus says don’t focus on how people behave
But see the bigger picture
Connect to the rescue plan
See it as an opportunity to introduce the kingdom

Being a Christian is edgy
We are in the 6th least Christian country

We have hope – not as a feeling but as a state of mind.
In English hope – I hope so
In Greek – it means certainty
It’s a decision

Let go of the baggage
See the world differently
Be courageous

Lay down your bag and sandals and staff
Leave the extra shirt – you are good enough if Jesus says you are Don’t lose hope