Pete Hale at Ivy Manchester – Genesis 2 & 3

Matthew 20:1-16

Jesus tells the story of a generous landowner and we see here how lavish he is and that can even make people angry!

In Genesis 2 he says ‘you can eat anything’ enjoy
But one day the tempter came along and eventually they ate, and now they felt embarrassed. They hid away from God.

What stops us from receiving all God has, is our weaknesses.

Pete is a cookery teacher. He demonstrates a dish, and the kids do what he says

But one day, he showed them a chilli.
He warned them – these things are hot.
Make sure you wash your hands.
One kid didn’t listen.
Him and his mate just had to rub their fingers on the chilli, then rubbed each other on the face. ‘It doesn’t hurt!’
And Pete thought ‘Wait and see.’

How do I get it off?!!!

It started with curiosity
Then pride that you got away with it
Then – ‘how do I make it stop??!!’

And then, we are embarrassed.
Most of what we are tempted by we also embarrassed about eventually.

Adam & Eve gave way to temptation
Then to shame. Life traded for death.

2014 is Ivy’s year of MORE

More of God
More from God
More for God

Don’t let anything get in the way of all this generous God wants to give you.