Ivy Missions feedback evening

Subject: Ivy Missions feedback evening

Great night tonight; these are the main prayer points I took from these charities we are delighted to partner with.?

Light – LZ7
Thousands of salvations & help with self harm & suicidal thoughts. Music & sport opportunity to start Light hubs. New office – Ludgate Hill. Down to last 4 to Be support act for Katie Perry!

Witts – Dignity:
told us of team leaders in Zambia whose house blew down; travelled 800 m to go to a village: Jesus had already appeared to them in visions! Ground prepared. Some of the countries he’s involved in like Namibia now you won’t see a church for 300 miles. His guys are going out and growing churches and it’s spreading. Lots of translation needed! Pressure!! These are people who act as tent makers etc, cos Africa won’t be won by crusades.

Has seen some growth over the last 10 years. Aims to have a simple process to help people who want to help & those who are in need. Needs a new leader for the South MCR team to take it to another level, and more time/service givers.

New Day United
Now incorporated as a charity. Working with many churches and NGOs in SA. Connecting to the poorest of the poor & political arenas & leadership training. It’s very new, but lots to thank God for. What connections might there be to Eden SA and Dignity etc?

This time last year was a very hard time. Christie had a great sabbatical travelling and seeing some life changing work there; and he came back recharged and reinvigorated. God never said it was going to be easy! Various team changes. Opportunities to mentor etc abound! There are kids making decisions that they do actually want to turn their lives around, and Ngage want to help when they do! First contact organisation. ? More vehicles? More premises?

Ivy is a church where mission is on the front burner in every way. It’s great that we partner, in Eden Merseybank, Ivy Sharston etc
Gospel ministry is at the centre of everything Message does, nationally and internationally.
The MEC has been a story of glory and grief! It’s very hard to work with the most broken people in our society. But there are so many wonderful changes that keep the work going and lives keep changing.

Roc 10 years in this year! At the outset someone said ‘it’s going to go national.’ It did in 2006. The work in Scotland is a great opportunity!
Launches 5th Feb.
Every police boss who has ever worked with has been promoted!
That may be part of why they like to work with them. Many people of great influence are being encouraged to make godly decisions for the benefit of all.

Eden Merseybank
To see transformation happening on the estate is fantastic, the guys who play football for Ivy Cosmos are also growing in confidence and saying no to crime as a result.
Some dramatic changes
People coming off drugs
People becoming Christians
38 came to Sharston one week!
Key people are noticing. New community centre. ? Cafe? Whole estate seems to be changing for the better! Great team of Eden people (12) all very different, but all fantastic!