Ben Jeffery at Ivy Manchester: Noah: when your whole world changes

Stories of 3 people
Friends of his throughout his life –
1) Simon – became a burglar and druggie, but then became a Christian

2) Sunny – lives in Mumbai. Abused by various family members, left for the city where she was forced into prostitution for 7 years. But she wasn’t healing

3) Mark – a ‘fired up’ Christian, who felt God saying, ‘Plant a church’ but ended up in wait mode for a long long time

They say the 3 most stressful things in life; marrying, moving, changing jobs.

Noah’s world changed big time didn’t it.

We all know the story, especially if you were brought up in church. Forget that knowledge – imagine you never heard of him.

Stage 1 – in a dark place.
Starts with the world being a wicked mess, a sorry state of darkness. God regretted making humanity.
But Noah defined himself not anti the crowd or with the crowd, but by walking with God. How do you bring about change?
5% – respond positively to change
20% – able to be convinced
50% – hard to convince
5% – no way

Noah was an early adopter for God.
He trusted God.
Ps 139:16 he knew his God was big!

2. Transition time
It’s dark, when you’re on the ark. We live in instant society and we don’t know where we stand, when we have to wait. Heb 4:11 says we have to labour to rest.
Guy Chevreau says ‘either you or God are going to do the work.’ Which do you choose? We are willing to put in the extra time to make it work aren’t we? Read the bike more? Or have faith?
He was there for over 7 months – imagine being in Chester Zoo all that time! He must have thought ‘Am I ever going to have my life back again?’ During those times – God can seem very far away.
Gen 8:1 – God remembered him. He doesn’t forget us in the flood. He doesn’t take us half way. Noah starts sending out birds – why? He’s expectant of hope.

Mark said ‘it didn’t work out so I just got another job’
He settled on the ark
We mustn’t settle on the ark.

Noah got new perspective when he got off the ark. He built an altar. So he wouldn’t forget the God who didn’t forget him.

Noah didn’t save himself, by his wisdom or his carpentry.
It’s God who’s brilliant!

Stage 3 – A New Season
God wants to do new things in us.

Sunny spent years in a confusing place until she realised her past didn’t define her. Now she’s a rescuer of women trapped like she had been

Simon is full on now, but he had to say no to some of the things that held him back first

Mark, by the way, is now back on the journey toward planting a church – he’s out of the ark.