Matty Hawthorne at Ivy Sharston.

Dropping the F-Bomb

Judgment is God’s jobBut sometimes we think he’s too soft maybe?

And 17 years later his brothers still mistrust his love

Joseph said ‘Who made me God?! I’m not God!’

You meant to hurt me but God turned your evil for good

Holding onto resentment closes down your wide angle lens

It could be enormous or trivial

The fire of anger is burning – do I get over it, or get over it
Drop the f-bomb

Because without that- bitterness is your only option

From now on I route all my thoughts about that person from God.

What weighs me down? What am I carrying around?
Guilt – IOU
Anger – U owe me
Greed – I owe me (I deserve to indulge this)
Jealousy – God owes me

Forgiveness is setting yourself free-
Don’t live with a clenched fist
Or a clenched heart

Show an open palm, this Palm Sunday:

When Jesus came to show us forgiveness, how much it costs –
And how that beats Everything with love.

We can give grace if we have got grace.

Eph 4;32- who do you need to forgive as Christ forgave you?

You can’t change yesterday – only your response to it.

Corrie Ten Boom – was speaking on forgiveness in Germany, and saw a prison guard who had abused her in the concentration camp at Ravensbruck years before. All she felt was hate as he approached her.

But Jesus told her to love her enemy
And he helped her – put out an open hand to him, to shake his hand.

Then – a warm oil was poured out on her, in that moment – from heaven.

The answer to Guilt is Confession
To Anger, Forgiveness
To Greed, Giving
To Jealousy – Celebration

What’s your next move?