#GoodFriday Alan Taylor – how do we measure God’s love for us?

Ever fallen to your knees in prayer?
What does it take to bring you to your knees? To pray on your knees. It has to be pretty serious to bring us to our knees.
Eph 3:14-18 says that’s what Paul does when he prays that people would understand the love of God in Christ He prays that they’d get it.
A lot of people don’t get Good Friday
Why is it Good?
Why does Jesus dying bring us peace?

We need to learn – at the cross – that the love of God isn’t something you earn or deserve, just receive.

Jn 17:26

Jesus measures out the love for us
At the cross. At how high and wide and deep and long it is.

We measure out our accomplishments & achievements to get our value The world says I will love you IF
it’s always conditional
We try and fail to get our love that way.

God measures out his love for us and fits it to us

Who would die for you
Put themselves under a bus for you
Nobody does that for just anybody

But he does it for you. You’re not just anybody to Him.