One thought on “Gordon Brown, Ursula Burns: Leaders are Always On

  1. I think the truth is that the mic and lights are always on us all we just think we can’t be seen in certain circumstance, situations and locations. We are under observation more than we know or care to think, just as well we are accountable to a God of love, mercy and grace who has provided the WAY, only speaks TRUTH, and wants us to have the LIFE that we are here to have live in continuous relationship with Him who designed and created everything and so always knows how best to live life in all its fullness. The issue is integrity which we compromise so easily especially when we think we are hidden from view whoever we are. We are deceived to think there is an off switch or that we are to separate out life into private and public, sacred and secular, seen and unseen. That’s double-mindedness and fake living…..that is why the Holy Spirit living in us is so desperately needed to flush out and infill and overflow…..”at all times and in all places”. Perhaps that is why we have the Greatest Commandments and the Great Commission with the “Listen” and the “Lo”. Keep letting the Ivy spread as we pray “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done……..” Maranatha Shalom.

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