Multipliers or Diminishers?

MULTIPLIERS – Liz Wiseman @Lizwiseman Willow Creek GLS 2013   Why do some leaders DRAIN intelligence and others AMPLIFY it?   Multipliers act as Talent managers.   There is more intelligence in your organization and teams than you can see and are putting to work.   Being a multiplier is a simple idea – you use your knowledge and skills to amplify and magnify the capability of people around you. Then they do their best work, They get more capable working for you.   This is not multiplying YOURSELF so everyone is like you. Or your IDEAS. You grow THEM.  Their ideas and intelligence.   The leaders model can be ‘If you all get what I want done, done…’ that’s not multiplying.   Who’s been a multipler to you? Who’s been a diminisher?   How much of your intelligence did each use?   Diminishers on average get 43% of your capability out of you. (micromanage, self-absorbed)   Multipliers on average get 91% out of you. (How do I use all the brains in the room)   Larry Gelwix. High School […]