DON’T LOSE HEART. Michael Hyatt at Catalyst 2011

Michael Hyatt Don’t Lose Heart.  The people who don’t stay the course, are those who lose heart. Most Christians – 80%? lose heart and become ineffective by the age of 55. You can get your heart back – and lead from the heart. You will maximise your influence as a leader when you embrace 5 truths about the heart. Your heart is the essence of your identity. The Bible uses the word heart over a 1000 times. Matt 5:8, 6:23, 15:18, 22:37 – love God with your heart. Your heart is YOU. Who YOU are. The inner sanctuary where you connect with God and others from. The world ‘s focus is external image, but the Lord looks at the heart. Why? Because it matters most. The big question is not how’s your family/ career – but ‘How’s your heart?’ Your heart is your most important and valuable leadership tool Prov 4:23 – above ALL else! (It’s not your knowledge, your skills that counts) – your heart is the WELLSPRING of your life. If you stop up springs, the streams stop […]