Why buy?


I spend too much money on books.  I love them. Especially new ones. The promise of learning something new.

I wish I had the patience to get them from the library (or the discipline to take them back on time when I do).

Yesterday I was thinking I either:

1) Buy less books

2) Buy a new bookcase.

I think option 2 will prevail.

Why can’t I just go (locally) somewhere like those Barnes & Nobles in the USA / Canada where I’ve happily spent half a day reading books I’ll probably not buy while drinking coffee? I’m marginally interested in Russell Brand’s ‘Booky Wook,’ mainly because I can’t understand why so many people are buying it (whether they actually read it is, of course, another thing entirely). I won’t buy it – unless it’s in 3 or 4 years in a charity shop for 50p, but I’d like to read it.