You don’t have to be a spiritual superhero for Jesus to use you to do miracles: Jonathan Conrathe

My notes from our Ivy Central gathering on Sunday – after the talk we had an incredibly intense time of ministry with salvation, recommitments, deliverance, and multiple reports of healings still coming in. 

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You don’t have to be a spiritual superhero for Jesus to use you to do miracles, you just have to say YES.

Step out and trust him.

Don’t limit yourself (or God) by your personality.

Be and believe He’s right in what he says about you! Either he’s right or you are.

There are no limitations when we agree with who He says we are.

Loved, chosen, not perfect but those who say Yes.

Discover who you are in Christ – and act like it.

We serve an extraordinary God!

We can expect to see miracles. Get real about it.

It should be normal to see them because

  1. You are not the source, it’s him!
  2. It’s a faith thing. It’s not about how we fasted or whether there’s a curse we have to break.
  3. If the king says go and do it – you can expect to see it when you go

Signs and wonders flow from the gospel – which is its own authority – the power is in the message itself (Rom 1:16 and 1 Cor 1:18)

The Holy Spirit confirms it – (Acts 1:8, Mk 16:20) – Pentecost changes everything – because the Holy Spirit was poured out on all flesh.

At Mission 24 they have seen 13 raised from the dead. Many cancers healed, many blind seeing, many deaf ears opened.



What about when it doesn’t happen?

Don’t let disappointment rob you. Deal with that. There’s pain as well as glory. Get determined not disappointed. The kingdom is coming in fullness one day, till then press in, stir up your faith.

Every mission they do there are miracles.

In Burger King Leicester a few weeks ago, team member Elizabeth saw a lady with a guide dog offered to pray. The woman said ‘I don’t believe.’ Elizabeth said ‘It doesn’t say YOU have to believe, it says I have to!’

The lady instantly completely healed.

The dog didn’t know what to do!

How wonderful is the power of the gospel to change lives?

Near Dublin, very rough place, there was a pool of blood outside the church they were planting. But when the meetings started men came up, sobbing. IRA.

One came forward and he was very demonised – completely covered in tattoos. He had cancer. Given up to die. He was a hitman.

There was a kingdom encounter.

He was saved and healed! 100% cancer free – and now a full-time evangelist!

Romans 15:17-21

Signs and wonders and the power of God!

Notice the stress here on accurately reporting miracles.

God uses words and deeds!

We need both.

We need someone to tell them so they hear the gospel.

Social action and signs and wonders are not the gospel.

It must be proclaimed.

The signs are not the manifestation of our power but of the Spirit’s power.

So often we feel we have to ‘feel’ anointing, but the Lord is just looking for faith.

Don’t miss the supernatural looking for the spectacular.

Obey the Holy Spirit and leave the results to him. Take a risk. Step out. Trust God.

Like Paul we must always preach the full gospel of God.

Jesus said to those who he sent out, they must heal people when they go.

I am not ashamed of the gospel for it is the miracle working dunamis of God to save, to heal, to set free.

When you preach the gospel, the gospel happens’- Bonnke.

Do we expect It?

It all sounds a bit simple? Good.

The power is in the simplicity of Christ Paul told the Galatians.

There is power in the name of Jesus.

The signs follow those who believe – who step out.

Give the Holy Spirit an opportunity to manifest.

We need his power!

Believing is a verb. 

The Lord wants you to be full, baptised in the Spirit. Look at what scripture says about it. Believe the truth about that.  The whole NT was written by tongues speakers. 

Matt 8:1-17 

  • Leper – believe that he is always willing! To do signs and wonders. See the real Jesus. There’s a theological Jesus who doesn’t do much. Genuine theology must be practised. 
  • Centurion – believe in the power of the Word of God and speak it. God says his word in your mouth is as powerful as in his! Speak as those speaking the very words of God. We are the members of Christ – when we lay hands on the sick. 
  • Peter’s Mum in law – believe in the power of God in you. Expect him to move when we pray. Learn to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. Say what he says to say. 
  • Everyone demonised and sick. 

He can add a spare part or remove something that shouldn’t be there. (Testimonies of seeing this in healing and we saw some of it that night!)

Be ready for demonic confrontation! Much we say is medical has spiritual causes. 

If we are not fasting or living holy lives enough demons can feel comfortable enough not to manifest. But Jesus is cleaning up his church. He wants us ready to live in our authority.  To tell people to repent and believe. 

And no matter what we do, always make sure we preach the whole gospel. That’s what matters most. You can go to heaven with a whole body but not with a sin sick soul! 

Don’t preach without giving the chance for people to be born again. The nicest person in church occupying any leadership position may need to be saved! 

Will YOU give your life to Christ? 

Or recommit (Yes you – reading this, right now!)

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