Imagine there’s no Heaven

Next Sunday we start a series of talks (me first) based on John Lennon’s song, Imagine.

I do like the song musically etc., grew up with it – but it just says so many things that I don’t think of as actually utopian.

CS Lewis had entirely the opposite view: Aim at heaven and you will get earth thrown in. Aim at earth and you get neither. I’ve been to the top of some impressive mountains, sat on idyllic beaches in various places, bought some cool stuff. But you always end up after the latest adventure or acquisition with the same question – “What’s next?” That longing for something more, better, above…where/Who does that come from? We’re not home yet.

Christian and Hopeful Arrive before the Celestial City 1926

Where’s John Lennon now?

Lewis said in Mere Christianity something to the effect that if people have no desire for heaven, then their presence there would only spoil it so why would God force them to go? (pg 63)

The point is not that God will refuse you admission to His eternal world if you have not certain qualities of character: the point is that if people have not got at least the beginnings of those qualities inside them, then no possible external conditions could make a ‘Heaven’ for them …”

How do you qualify if in fact there is a heaven? If everyone just gets in, how can that qualify as heaven? Is it a ‘real’ place?

I’ll try to cover some of these things, but would really welcome your thoughts and comments.

One thought on “Imagine there’s no Heaven

  1. The only requirement for admission to heaven is this:

    To believe in Jesus: to confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, and to believe in your heart.

    When asked himself – Jesus said “follow me”.

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