Is it revival?

Well I’m tired – but WOW am I fired up! Just a few hours ago I was at Orlando airport when I got a text from J. John asking whether I thought what was going on out there is revival. My reply? (I’m hopeless at texting so it took ages).. The blind see, the deaf hear, the lame dance and many are saved!

(If that’s not revival, I’m looking forward to what comes next!). The fire is falling!

I heard last Friday about God TV stopping all its programmes because of ‘something happening in the States,’ so on Saturday afternoon I thought I’d check it out on You Tube.

I have been reading a biography of George Whitefield, which has increased by desire (and faith) for revival in our nation. I’ve also been stirred up by the increasing depravity in the news, especially the awful things we read about in Austria. When I started looking online at what’s going on out there, Todd Bentley pointed his finger at me, and God called me – revival is my heart cry and His – and I knew I had to go.

Looking at the diary it seemed impossible, but I was so hungry and ‘desperate people will do desperate things’ (interestingly, that’s what anti-revivalist Hank Hanegraff writes all of this off as; which makes me wonder – why isn’t he desperate for God? King David was!).

I prayed with Zoe and tried to book to go online, everything was going wrong, until we recalled a prophetic dream Zoe had (I urge you to listen to it here) back in January, where it wasn’t just me but me and the children wanted to go, higher up, into the pool/ place of blessing, so amazing that it would eclipse former visitations of God by comparison, (‘having experienced God in a totally different way, which is for everyone’). Amazingly, as soon as I put three people in not one, we got a great deal on flights and hotel, except we had to go Sunday – the next morning!

Thanks to the help, love and encouragement of Peter Davis and Glenn Huntington, we were able to drop everything and the three of us were flying to Florida! I’d always wanted to take them to Disneyland, but GODland is even better!

I”ll put more up in posts to come, and some photos, but there’s such a fire in me right now that is going to spread. This is the fulfilment of visions I have had for many years, and how exciting to live in these days! By the way this Sunday just happens to be Pentecost, and the Global Day of Prayer (Come on!).

With my own eyes I’ve seen people getting out of wheelchairs and walking, innumerable deaf people receiving their hearing, the woman a few rows in front came in with an oxygen mask on and was carried in by her family, later she spent ages running laps around the arena (her and her 20 year old daughter who brought her both became Christians that night, well you would wouldn’t you).

And how about Hannah, my lovely daughter? If you watched God TV last night, Hannah got up on stage and testified. She has (no HAD) degenerative disc disease, confirmed by MRI scan, and had the back of a much older person with lots of damage to discs, lots of pain etc., wherever she went for the last year she had to carry a lumbar cushion, and when we went she was on pain killers.

In the meeting – where I saw amazing visions and literally physically basked in the presence of the Lord like I’ve never known before, she felt the power of God go right through her (nobody touched her but God) and I was shocked to see here get up from her seat and touch her toes – impossible? NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE TO GOD. She’s healed – no pain at all.

This anointing is real and it’s transferable! God’s on the move. It’s time to fan the flames all over the UK!

If you have 6 minutes more, it’s worth watching this prophetic word given months ago to Todd Bentley by Ron De Luca a Pastor in NZ who we met over there in Florida who prayed for all three of us. He really accurately prophesies this happening, and particular mention is made of England!

LORD,I have heard the report of you, and your work, O LORD, do I fear. In the midst of the years revive it;in the midst of the years make it known; Hab 3:2

5 thoughts on “Is it revival?

  1. Who can’t help be moved by the people set free from pain, suffering and disease.

  2. Hi Anthony I’ve been hearing mixed things about what is happening over there and most of it is second hand so it’s hard to know what is true. Can you tell us more about it? I’m curious as to what they are preaching and teaching?

    My brother sent me the link to your blog and I’ve found it very interesting! Thank you

  3. Hi Andrew Paul
    brother of Stephen John…

    Have a look at the post I just did called ‘the wrong question’ which perhaps answers you at least a little πŸ™‚

  4. Dear Anthony,

    I am on a chat line about healing ,and I did quote this in (in order to get a point across) to one person. However others may also see this and look in on your experience.
    I hope this was OK. If you are happy about this ,then I would like to quote this to others ,who are so much in need of something that is tangable to give them understanding.
    .Yours in the service of Christ Our Lord.

    Hope all is going well with your move to ypur new appointment.

    Harold Waterfield (St. Johns Church Woking).

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