A God Shaped Dream – and how to hold onto it. #Bgbg2

Talk by Alan Taylor at Ivy Manchester Genesis 21:1-7   Sarah called her son Isaac because what they heard from God seemed so ridiculous to her, she laughed at the idea. Abram was promised a family, though his wife could not conceive. He would have lived in a place with a lot of stars out every night. His descendants would outnumber them. What do our dreams look like when they are fulfilled? It may be you’re in a hard time, struggling to hold on to your dream – hold on! God wants us to dream along with him, a good dream, a big dream – that brings joy to our hearts. When you read the Bible, ask; 1) Where does this story fit into the bigger story? 2) Where do I fit in this story? God’s dream for Abraham and Sarah was way bigger than a family, it was for them to be blessed to be a blessing – a family on mission. That’s our story now. We carry that too. Called out to bless the world. Isaac was laughter […]

Have You No Bread? Have You No Fish?

I had a great dream the other night. I was with Zoe (and our son Joel) at a grand house which seemed like some kind of hotel. There was a very kind scottish porter who was showing us our room and asked, ‘Do you now the motto of the house?’ Joel said, ‘It’s written above all the doors!’ I looked at the large patio doors and above them were brass plaques with the following writing; HAVE YOU NO BREAD?  HAVE YOU NO FISH?  The porter laughed, ‘Of course the Master has provided the bread and the fish!’ I looked to the corner of the room where a huge table groaned with all the food you could ever want to eat, including of course lots and lots of bread and fish. Our host, still chuckling, loudly declared, “There will always be enough, and an abundance of leftovers – basketfuls of leftovers!” I looked out of the windows and seemed to be looking from the north at London. Somehow I could see the whole of the city at once, the whole River […]

Dream Of A Coming Revival

Anyone who knows my wife Zoe well will know over the years she has a great prophetic gift in dreams, really insightful and occasionally scary! The wonderful thing is how they come true in detail. It’s no exaggeration to say that every major move in our life has been foretold in a dream she’s documented. So the other night she had a dream – about a move of GOD that’s coming our way. This ties in with an increasing excitement I have been feeling, many reporting a palpable sense of the presence of God last Sunday in our service at Kingsway, a number of miraculous answers to prayer here at Ivy recently; and reports from various sites I’m connected to of outpourings in various churches. It seems the spiritual temperature is being turned up!  Here’s Zoe’s dream, from her notes. The bits in brackets are my explanatory notes. I was with a few others (women friends/prayer partners) were in an upstairs room – when a storm was coming up outside. I told someone there how bad it looked but they […]

God speaks through Dreams: Walking with the King

In the dream I was stationed on duty outside a great palace like Buckingham Palace, dressed like one of the soldiers in ceremonial dress with the Busby hat on – as an ex police officer I’ve done my fair share of standing still and ‘guarding!’ Suddenly I was aware that I had a new assignment.