Mystery Churchgoers?

Just been reading about the new service offered by Christian Research – ChurchCheck, a new mystery visitor service.

For £60 plus VAT they offer to send some people to “look around and assess everything that goes on, making comments on everything from the state of the exterior noticeboard to the length of the sermon…” These otherwise non committed visitors will just blend into the crowd, “rate the atmosphere, strengths and weaknesses, singing and even the after-service chat before giving the the church a score.”

Some more cynical ministers might retort, “We have those people anyway – without paying ’em!”

Here’s a classic comedy moment from one ‘visitor…’

Christian research reminds us “The welcome someone receives at church is so important – and ChurchCheck puts it to the test. It gives a simple and accurate account of a church’s interaction with newcomers, and the results provide very precise “actionable” information to help churches improve.

Personally I think people are voting with their feet every week and we have so much to learn, it’s not such a bad idea. What do you think?