Our fantastic last Sunday!

Eddy goes for a burton in 'It's a Knockout'
Eddy goes for a burton in 'It's a Knockout'

Still shaking my head over yesterday’s phenomenal outpouring of love here for my last Sunday! The church family and local community came together for an amazing time of gratitude to God, quite overwhelming at times.

Apart from making me eat unmentionable things in ‘I’m a Northerner get me out of here!’, having to sing ‘Angels’ by Robbie Williams, and being presented with a beautiful album of our time here and far too many hugs and kisses – we were also really privileged to baptise 25 people! What a day – I will never forget it. Thanks to everyone – and thanks be to God!

There are too many photos to upload an it takes ages – but here’s a little sample – Thanks be to God!

One thought on “Our fantastic last Sunday!

  1. Agreed – an abolutely lovely, at times overwhelming, day. Thank you so much for everything you have done for my family and for me over the past six and a half years. I truly believe that the substance that is in my daughters’ hearts and minds in particular will help them to walk with Christ, and keep them from harm. I’m so grateful that I’ve almost forgiven you for leaving us (only kidding…to everything there is a purpose). Su xoxo

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