Get on the train

The facts of what the Bible calls the gospel are not just facts we can decide to take or leave as we like, like that Neptune was discovered in 1846. They are more than information, they call for transformation.

The gospel facts call for a response, they call for action! Someone might see the oak tree in my garden and tell me an Oak tree is of the Quercus genus  – I have to say it wouldn’t matter to me too deeply. But when a person says “That tree’s falling on your house!” The facts get me up and running!

What have you done with the gospel truth? Sometimes people waste away their days, they have an interest in spiritual stuff maybe so they click around the internet like you’re doing. They’re kind of looking for answers, but what do you do when the Answer finds you? I wrote this blog post because I felt someone looking for answers is going to find the Answer through it.

The fact that Christianity teaches that Jesus died on a cross is still fairly well known in most places in Britain. But as we approach Easter – has this fact made a difference in your life?

You owe it to yourself to get this question answered:

Why should the cross, or the resurrection, or the ascension or second coming of Christ still be important all these years since they happened? Christians believe that because Jesus died and rose again, everything changes now. God has done so much for you so you coudl know there’s love in heaven with your name on it. But you have to do something too.

In 1830 a Red Indian called Crowfoot was born, excelled as a hunter & scout, andwent on to become Chief of the Blackfoot tribe.


In 1884 authorities from the Canadian Pacific railway sought his permission to take the Atlantic to Pacific railway through his territory. Crowfoot agreed after long negotiations, andas a result was awarded a lifetime rail pass (you can see it on this picture). He had a beautiful leather case made for the pass, and carried the pass around his neck everywhere he went. But he never got on the train.

The objective fact of his potential to get on board was there.

BUT his lack of appropriate response meant that for him the invitation may as well have been untrue, because he missed out on the benefits by refusing to act on them.

The whistle’s blowing. Get on the train!

It’s like this – wearing a parachute never helped anyone. Knowing about parachutes never helped anyone. You have to pull the cord!

Don’t put it off. Say something like this to God, He is listening! “If this is true, that Jesus Christ really is your Son who died for me, so that my sins could be forgiven and I could know new and everlasting life, then I turn from those things to You, please show me how to follow you from now on.”

If you did this and meant it please get in touch and I’d love to send you a free book.