Andy Economides – Evangelists Conference – John 15. You have not chosen me, I have chosen and appointed you

Evangelists Conference. Session 2  – Andy Economides

When he was in Nigeria he felt the Lord said to call a guy out, and speak about what John the Baptist said – if you have two tunics, give one away.  He was to put money in, and his clothes and give it all to a guy called Pius and to go to the poorest and neediest and give their stuff away, because they are not doing it.

And then the ministry started.  They went to do it!

Then he had to give his red Dr Marten boots – he loves those shoes! Put these in the anointing. And the pastor put his shoes in too.  If you do the crazy things sometimes and that’s your anointing (Andy has an anointing of craziness). He put his good watch in.

What you do without effort – but sometimes there’s a cost.

John 15:16

You did not choose me,  (Oh but I did Lord).

No !– you had little to do with it! I chose you. (Full stop.) 1.

Appointed you! 2.

You used to think you chose me, but I chose you. And you’re appointed – to bear fruit.

You are appointed! Because Jesus believes in me.

We talk about having belief in him – but the fact that he chose me, means he believed in me!

NIV Study Bible notes says… Disciples normally chose the particular rabbi to whom they wished to be attached, but not so with Jesus’ disciples – he chose them.

Andy did door to door work, years ago. Invited a guy to come to a dinner. J John was speaking. Lyndon didn’t pray the prayer. No. I wasn’t put off. Went and revisited. Gave him journey into life, ‘If you open the door – will you tell me?’ I will. That night, he did it.

His wife also became a Christian. He was ordained! Became a Vicar. Gets cancer. Beats it. Gets it again. Dies.

During the sermon – two groups of people were mentioned,

1)      His family

2)      Andy.

So glad I followed up!

THEN – the Father will give you whatever you ask for in my name.

We usually desire a strong prayer life, that we might e fruitful – but here, it is the other way round.

When you’re bearing fruit – THEN – the Father will give you whatever you ask, Why? Because you’re bearing fruit. Do I understand it? No? Why not just accept some things!

God says, “I have faith in you! You sometimes do crazy things when the anointing is on you. You didn’t choose me, but when you bear fruit, THEN the Father will give you whatever you ask in my name.’

Verse 17. This is my command: Love each other.

Andy tells of how years ago he was in a very broken place. Went to the Dr.

He was visited by a minister, who said, “We are here for you, it’s going to be okay.” Moved and encouraged not just by his words – but by his life.

We are living in a time when we have to love one another. Stand with one another – like never before. THIS is Jesus’ command! It’s really important! Jesus summarises it all in 3 words. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

Vs 20. REMEMBER the words I spoke to you.

It’s important to remember the words God spoke to you! God has spoken words to you.

Gerald Coates had a word for him. You’re going to go and speak to big crowds in the world.

Later – Dec 1990 Jean Darnell had a word for him. ‘I see you with a book in one hand a notebook in another. With a notebook. Put the book down, you’re an original. You don’t need the notebook. Throw it away!’

When he went to Africa, soon after, for the first time – he realised he had to throw the book away, ‘you don’t need to be anyone else. Pick up the Bible and a microphone and do what you do without effort.

If you forget the words, you will suffer – the world will suffer.  You have a word  for someone – and if the Lord’s in it, you will love it!

1)      Jesus says – you didn’t choose me. You funny little man.

2)       I appointed you to bear fruit that will last.

3)      Love one another!

4)      Remember the words I spoke to you!  Hold on to them. My word. The words I have shared with you through my people.