List from veteran evangelist Melvin Banks at Evangelists Conference

For those of you who were there, it was an unforgettable moment. It was such a mixture tonight I wasn’t listing on my laptop – but I grabbed a pad and roughed out these priceless pearls from this man who has blazed a trail for us to follow. If you think I missed one, please comment to add them in.

Keep your doctrine

Preach the blood! ( I never preach healing, but there is healing in the atonement)

Keep to the narrow road

Find out what grieves God and don’t do it

Go out – remembering you are a harvester

Keep the fire, the passion to beat discouragement. Don’t worry about the wet blankets, have enough fire in you to dry them out!

There has never been a revival without the evangelist.

The evangelist is the most loved and the most hated.

Love the people

Go to them

Watch your tongue – it’s in a wet place, and may slip.

Keep the word and faith before you – you’re God’s harvesters in the last days and this is going to be our finest hour

Remember, healing is in the atonement!

3 thoughts on “List from veteran evangelist Melvin Banks at Evangelists Conference

  1. Ant – doing amazing job feeding this out almost live!!!!

    Quick correction [delete this when you’ve done it if you want]

    “The evangelist is the most hated and the most hated.”

    should read:
    The evangelist is the most loved and the most hated.

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